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Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition Plans

Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition Plans

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Your Personalised Nutrition Plan includes everything you need to make a sustainable shift for your health. Nourish your body with the nutrients that will support your optimal health, while being guided in what to avoid as you heal your gut.

If you’ve ever felt a little lost or overwhelmed when making changes to your dietary habits, with a Personalised Nutrition Plan you’ll receive all the information you need to make a sustainable change and enjoy renewed energy, health and wellness.


  • Instant access to 90+ pages of what foods to eat and what to avoid and why, so you can address the underlying causes of your symptoms
  • Three-stage plan: preparation, therapeutic and maintenance
  • Guidance to the reintroduction of foods and what to eat in the longer term to main your improvements
  • Access to the Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition online learning platform for 12 months

Our Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition Plan is often bundled with MyAlai™ Multisystem Support. Explore our complete Bio-Alai Health System and save when you bundle.

Key Information

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. Please reply to this email with your order number and we'll send you a unique code and link for your Personalised Nutrition Plan. You’ll be asked to complete a ten-minute health questionnaire to develop your personal plan. Once this is completed, your Personalised Nutrition Plan will be available for immediate download. You will also receive a copy in your email, along with your login details for the online learning platform.

Do you have any questions? Please send us an email at or book a complimentary 15 min consultation so we can answer any questions that you may have about our product range or offering. If you you think we'll need more time, please book a complimentary 45 min consultation so we have time to cover all of your queries.

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