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Bio-Alai Health System

Bio-Alai Health System

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The Bio-Alai Health System: MyAlai™ Multisystem Support & Personalised Nutrition Plan

If you have no major health concerns and you feel confident to go it alone, the BioAlai Health System allows you to implement this powerful protocol and nutrition plan independently.


1. Personalised Nutrition Plan 

    • 90+ page plan and guide
    • Comprehensive outline of foods to enjoy and foods to avoid
    • Detailed preparation information to set yourself up for success
    • Online portal with access to video education
    • Evidence-based articles, research and the latest insight into dietary techniques

    2. MyAlai ™ Multisystem Support: three month supply

    MyAlai™ Multisystem Support is a once-a-day supplement with 36 active ingredients to support your overall wellbeing. With MyAlai™, regaining your vitality and energy is as easy as mixing it into your morning smoothie or water for up to three months.

      • Promotes gut health to support health gastrointestinal, immune and nervous system function
      • Reduces inflammation to address chronic health conditions
      • Supports metabolism to maintain healthy blood sugars, lipids and nutrient absorption
      • Reduces free radicals to support liver health and detoxification
      • Supports brain health and cognitive function
      • Promotes skin health, collagen formation and promotes hair thickness

      3. Online learning platform: empower yourself with knowledge

      Gain the insight and understanding to truly appreciate how your body survives or thrives based on the foods you eat.

        • Learn the true causes of your symptoms and how to address them
        • Discover the pros and cons of popular diets
        • Meal plan using foods and dietary techniques for your physiology and goals
        • Identify food intolerances and safely reintroduce foods

        You'll also receive a 30-minute Onboarding Session. I'll support you in onboarding to the Bio-Alai Health System protocol and address any questions or challenges you may have. You're welcome to book additional sessions as questions arise.

        Key Information

        Once you’ve completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. Please reply to this email with your order number and we'll send you a unique code and link for your Personalised Nutrition Plan. You’ll be asked to complete a ten-minute health questionnaire to develop your personal plan. Once this is completed, your Personalised Nutrition Plan will be available for immediate download. You will also receive a copy in your email, along with your login details for the online learning platform.

        Do you have any questions? Please send us an email at or book a complimentary 15 min consultation so we can answer any questions that you may have about our product range or offering. If you you think we'll need more time, please book a complimentary 45 min consultation so we have time to cover all of your queries.

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