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Personalised nutrition and nutraceuticals for lifelong wellbeing

How we care for ourselves impacts how we feel. It’s a simple statement, but for many of us juggling busy lives, the act of nourishing ourselves can sadly get pushed down the to-do list. You deserve to feel good in yourself, no matter your age or your lifestyle. We’re here to give you the support, tools and tips to help make it happen. 

We start with nutrition. Nutrients can be potent therapeutics. They interact with our microbiome and epigenome to influence the health of every organ in our bodies - inside and out. Longevity research is finding that the right diet can even slow down the ageing process. That’s before we even consider the benefits of immune response, hormonal balance, brain function, skin health…

Introducing Bio Alai® & Meaghan South Vitality

Bio-Alai® was founded by experienced physician, Dr Agnes, to support healing in the body.  The two key components, the MyAlai nutrient formulation and personalised nutrition plans, are based on the principles of longevity medicine, epigenetics and personalised nutrition to address the causes of ageing, inflammaging and common health conditions.
At Meaghan South Vitality, I’ve been using early versions of Bio-Alai's formula and nutrition plan in my Lifelong Vitality Programs for almost 2 years, and within my Medispas for over 7 years. I’m fortunate to be mentored by Dr Agnes and have worked closely with her to align my programs with the science behind the Bio-Alai protocols. 

And while we might know we should be eating better for our health, realistically we often need extra support to get there. If you’ve ever wished for someone to help get you through the tricky parts of a lifestyle shift, that’s where I come in. I’ll be side-by-side with you to customise and tweak the protocol specifically for you and your lifestyle, giving you personal support, accountability, tips and tools to achieve the outcomes and long term success you deserve.

Real, evidence-based approaches, simplified for busy, beautiful lives

The My Alai Multisystem Support Formula and Personalised Nutrition Plans are like no other approach to wellness. This isn’t a diet, gimmick or a fad. This is a holistic protocol focused on regenerating your body on a cellular level. Sound complicated? The science is sophisticated, but as a lifestyle approach it’s beautifully simple: a delicious Personalised Nutrition Plan, supported by the MyAlai nutrient formulation for up to three months at a time. 

Better still, once you’ve rediscovered your vitality and wellbeing, this new way of caring for yourself and your new lifestyle habits are incredibly easy to maintain, because you’ve got the renewed energy to stick to your habits. 

Personal support, a listening ear and warm encouragement: that’s how an experienced coach keeps you on track, accountable and helps you achieve your goals of healthy longevity.

MyAlai™ Multisystem Support

36 active ingredients, at therapeutic doses, in a once-a-day powdered drink formula. This is cutting-edge nutrient-based science for busy, beautiful lives. MyAlai™ Multisystem Support is a TGA-listed clinic-only formulation that helps support the healthy function of your gut, body, brain, skin and hair.  It contains a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants and active compounds that support foundational cellular processes essential for gut and general health, and address the mechanisms that drive ageing, inflammaging, skin conditions and metabolic disorders. 

MyAlai™ is a once-a-day powder without colours, fillers, flavours or sugars that aggravate the gut. It's a comprehensive formulation like no other. MyAlai addresses the underlying factors around health conditions to support vitality and general health and wellbeing on every level. Designed to be used for up to three months, or for a short-term therapeutic reset.

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Personalised Nutrition Plans

Our individuality is celebrated, cherished and championed in so many ways - why should our nutrition needs be any different? Bio-Alai brings an exciting awakening in scientifically-proven nutrition, focused on your own personal needs. 
Regardless of your age, health goals or current health status, a Bio-Alai® personalised plan can address your unique physiology to optimise your health and help you achieve and maintain your goals. The Personalised Nutrition Plan is a life-long shift - and one that’s effortless to maintain once you’ve felt the benefits. Delicious food, abundant choice and the freedom to eat what makes you feel good, without cravings for the foods that don’t. 

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Meaghan’s experience

I’m passionate about helping people feel better in themselves physically - particularly women over 40. I love helping women reclaim their energy, their vitality and their ability to feel good in the life they lead. Why? Because I’ve felt the crushing effects of exhaustion, early menopause, and the symptoms of inflammation and gut dysbiosis. 

Instead of accepting these as a normal part of ageing (they aren’t!) I sought out answers, researched the evidence and discovered a path to feeling better. And now I’m so privileged to share that with you. 

I’ve helped clients in my Lifelong Vitality programs achieve long term improvements, along with the support of the Bio-Alai Health System. By combining the MyAlai nutraceutical formulation, the Personalised Nutrition Plan and my positive, practical and supportive approach to lifestyle coaching, my clients feel better, look better and love the results for the long term. 

Along with practical wisdom, endless support and accountability check-ins to keep you on track, I use the MyAlai MultiSystem Support and Personalised Nutrition Plans in the 90-day Lifelong Vitality Program. They’re incredibly useful tools and frameworks to help you achieve lifelong change.

The Lifelong Vitality Program is unlike anything else. I’ll meet you where you’re at and give you the support, advice and encouragement to get you where you want to be. With access to the latest medical-grade cellular regeneration nutraceuticals, gut health protocol and well-researched lifestyle habits, you’ll address the underlying factors around your health concerns. There are no shortcuts, no gimmicks and no quick-fixes, however the journey to Lifelong Vitality is easier and shorter than you think.

After just 90-days working together, clients tell me they have:
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Centred calmness
  • Clearer brain 
  • Healthier-looking skin 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Effortless weight loss
  • Improved tolerance of foods they were sensitive to
  • Fewer cravings
  • Improved digestion and regular bowel movements
  • Fewer aches and pains 
  • Fewer perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms
  • Enjoyment for life again.

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    Doctor-designed and evidence-based

    BioAlai was created by Dr Agnes, a Cosmetic Physician and Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, with almost 20 years’ experience in both fields. As a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Dr Agnes has an interest in inflammatory, metabolic, and hormonal disruptions responsible for aesthetic presentations such as weight gain, resistance to weight loss, immune conditions and skin health. Dr Agnes integrates nutritional interventions to address the underlying drivers of inflammation, restore balance to the body and enhance cellular repair and regeneration, leaving us feeling and looking better than ever. 

    Share the solution

    If you’re eager to share this evidence-backed approach with your own clients, we’d love to hear from you. We’re excited to share Bio-Alai with the world. As a clinic-only product, if you’re a doctor, nurse, psychologist, allied health practitioner or dermal clinician with relevant registration and training, and you’re interested in becoming an authorised Bio-Alai provider, please reach out. 

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