About Meaghan

Integrative nutrition coach.

“I’m too busy. I’m sure it’s fine.” 

That’s what I used to tell myself when faced with a range of niggling symptoms. With free time a scarcity, I thought I was too busy to change my lifestyle. I was desperate for energy, battling a hazy memory and irritable gut symptoms but didn’t know where to look to start making a change. Juggling a busy career and family life, I felt like I didn’t have time to slow down and do the research to find a solution. Then, I was stopped in my tracks - with declining health, I had no choice but to stop and face the reality of my own lifestyle. 

Today, I’m living proof that improving and sustaining your health is possible when you’re supported by our easy-to-implement gut health protocols, traditional wisdom, delicious, nutritious and family-friendly recipes and my practical tips and bio-hacks that make supporting your health easier. 

Where it all began.

Like most women, my life was a constant juggle. Businesses. A busy partner. An amazing son. As the owner of several highly successful medispas, I was madly multi-tasking to manage multiple businesses and be present for my family. Putting everyone else’s needs above my own wasn’t even a choice, it’s just how it had to be. Or so I thought. 

Every day, I was running on empty. I would collapse into bed, overwhelmed and exhausted, only to find myself waking at 2am unable to go back to sleep. A frustration I’m sure you’re aware of. With such disrupted sleep, my memory was hazy, making my already demanding jobs even more challenging. Through this time, a few extra kilograms had crept on and just would not budge. My body felt uncomfortable. Instead of stopping and listening, I pushed, and pushed, and pushed. Until, one day, I couldn’t keep going.

When we aren’t willing to stop, the universe takes away our choice.

Completely unexpectedly, one of my spa business partnerships dissolved. My stress levels became unmanageable, and I found myself physically and mentally unable to keep pushing. With a travelling partner and teenage son, my family desperately needed me too. I sold the medispa, believing that removing such a huge source of stress would solve my problems. It wasn’t to be.

I was blindsided again when I discovered that my body had entered sudden, stress-related early menopause. I was experiencing adrenal burn out and had developed auto-immune conditions, including antibodies for type one diabetes. As someone who built businesses in the health and wellness sphere, this was confronting. 

But I wasn’t ready to let this diagnosis define me. And I certainly wasn’t ready to give up on my hard-earned career and business successes. But I knew something had to change. I had to be there for my family, and my current approach wasn’t working. I needed to find a new way. 

Reclaiming my health

I was fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge from my career in the spa, skin and wellness industry. But I knew that I needed to go further to find the insight and answers I was looking for. 

For years, I’d been working with Dr Agnes Warchalowski in a clinical capacity in my medispas. As a highly-qualified Integrative Nutritional Medicine Doctor, Dr Agnes recognised how vital gut health is to our overall health and wellbeing. Sharing some of the latest research, she showed me that many of my major symptoms could be attributed to poor gut health. This shocked me, as I thought I was eating well. And for many people, I was. But I wasn’t eating the right things for my body and my health needs. In fact, I was actually making it worse. 

Using Dr Agnes’s gut health protocol (the early version of what is now our beloved Bio-Alai Health System), I started the process of cleansing and healing my gut. Combining research and my own expertise, I explored ways to make my wholefood cooking even more nutritious and delicious. After all, sharing a meal is an incredibly social occasion - I firmly believe that we should enjoy our food, and so should our families! 

Already feeling better, I used my newfound energy to take formal studies in integrative nutrition and explored longevity routines and helpful habits to include into my lifestyle. I knew this was a change I wanted - and needed - to make for lifelong vitality. 

A shift in thinking, a shift in health

By focusing on nourishing my gut with the right nutrient-dense food and supportive supplements, by moving my body and by caring for myself, I found my long-lost vitality, health and clarity. I felt like me again. The extra kilos melted away, my adrenals healed and I found myself healthy and back to living an active, full and purposeful life, even with my autoimmune conditions. 

This could be you.

Whatever Program you choose, if you put in the effort, you will feel the rewards. I started Meaghan South Vitality to share my hard-earned wisdom, knowledge and expertise, as women of all ages deserve to be heard, to be supported and to be encouraged to reclaim their vitality and live a beautiful life. You are worth the investment. You are worth prioritising. You are worth the effort.

Do you have any questions? Please send us an email at hello@meaghansouth.com or book a complimentary 15 min consultation so we can answer any questions that you may have about our product range or offering. If you you think we'll need more time, please book a complimentary 45 min consultation so we have time to cover all of your queries.