"I highly recommend working with Meaghan, she’ll stick with you till you get to the root cause, and then keep you accountable to reach your goals.

Working with Meaghan was not only educational, it was life changing! I have suffered from severe and debilitating headaches and migraines for as long as I can remember. Meaghan helped me identify the triggers and cause of my headaches and now they are a thing of the past.

I have also lived with long term chronic constipation for most of my adult life. I still can’t believe it, as both of these issues have been resolved, not just put a bandaid on, or not as severe, but completely resolved through working with Meaghan and completing the gut health protocol. The only time I get a headache or constipation now is if I eat the food we've identified doesn't agree with me.

As a postmenopausal woman, I thought this was just how life was going to be. However, with these health issues resolved, I have so much more energy and brain capacity for my busy life, including chasing after my grandkids. And because I'm now back to my healthy weight -5 ½ kilos lighter and my waist is back (6 ½ cm smaller), I treated myself to a new bikini for a Fiji holiday." 

Dawn Engelbrecht

My brain fog has diminished, and my energy is the best it’s been in years. This program is life-Changing.

Before Meaghan’s program, my husband and I were in a slump and at the heaviest weight we had ever been in our lives. We were feeling flat, lacked energy, had brain fog and found it hard to do every day general tasks like bending down to pick something up. We have tried many different diets in the past, some with little to no success and some were a quick fix, but the weight always returned.

With our 40 th birthdays approaching, and two beautiful young girls to chase after, we knew we needed to do something differently in the longer term. Meaghan’s program was a game-changer for us, re-educating us on what it means to eat healthily. And her support kept us on track, giving me delicious new recipes to try, motivating me to exercise regularly, which is something I’ve always struggled with, and generally giving us lots of tips that made sticking to it possible.

Our bodies are thanking us now! At the end of the 12-week program, my husband lost 16kg and I lost 13.5kg, and a week later I’m continuing to shed weight easily and my goal of 15kg is within arm’s reach. My brain fog has diminished, and my energy is the best it’s been in years. This program is life-changing. Thank you, Meaghan, for all your ongoing  support. We are committed to this way of living in the longer term. It’s easy, we just feel so good and love our new bodies." 

Ali and Anthony Rice

I sleep well again, have so much more energy, my digestion is better – and I no longer need that 3 pm sweet treat to keep me going. My overall health is amazing.

I booked to see Meaghan as my sleep patterns were changing, I was waking during the night and unable to get back to sleep, which was so annoying as it impacted the next day at work and looking after my family. I was beginning to get exhausted and not make great food and lifestyle choices to compensate, which of course made things worse.

Meaghan taught me all about being peri-menopausal and the impact it was having on my sleep and life. During her programme and the 6-week protocol, she helped me balance my blood sugars. settle my hormones and reset my gut. I sleep well again, have so much more energy – and I no longer need that 3 pm sweet treat to keep me going.

Meaghan shared with me invaluable practical tips and delicious recipes that have really made a difference in my life and cooking for my family. I’ve refined my lifestyle to bring about sustainable change and the difference in my overall health is amazing. Thanks Meaghan!

Tara Jones 

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